3 Reasons To Use HDPE Access Mats On Your Construction Site

10 May 2021
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If you are in charge of a construction site, you have a responsibility to keep ground conditions on your construction site safe. This isn't always easy. If the ground you're working on is soft or if the weather is bad, then your site will have access problems.

To improve conditions, you can put down HDPE access mats on some or all of your site. These mats are made from high-density polyethylene. They cover difficult terrain and make it easier to use.

What are the benefits of using HDPE mats?

1. Improved Traction

If your job site has soft or boggy ground, then you'll have traction problems as soon as you start work. Even sites that seem sound at the start can deteriorate while you work, leaving you with difficulty walking and driving.

For example, your crew might find it hard to walk around the site. They might get bogged down in soft ground. They are also more likely to have slip accidents. If someone hurts themselves on the job, you could be held liable if you haven't taken good care to keep things safe.

Plus, you'll also find it harder to get vehicles in and out of your site if your ground is soft and boggy. Vehicles might get stuck or their wheels might slip.

HDPE mats create a firm surface on top of difficult ground. They give you a stable and safe walking and driving surface with the traction you need.

2. Better Support

If your ground is too soft, then you might also have problems getting your machines and equipment in the right places. A heavy machine won't necessarily be stable on soft ground. It might sink or sit in an uneven position.

While you can set up foundation platforms to take the weight of the machine, this can be a time-consuming solution. If you will use the machine in different places, you'll have to move and set up the platform every time you move the machine.

A series of HDPE mats gives you an effective alternative. These mats have specific load-bearing capabilities. They can take the weight of machinery and equipment and give it a solid foundation. They are also easy to move and reconfigure.

3. Reduced Surface Damage

Your crew, equipment, machines, and vehicles can adversely affect the ground you work on. If you want to minimize damage, then HDPE mats are a good option.

Mats cover the ground and protect it. They prevent feet, wheels, and heavy loads from churning the earth and flattening it. Once you take the mats off, the ground shouldn't take long to spring back into shape.

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