Create A Cozy Nook And Resting Area Inside Of Your Studio Apartment

2 July 2017
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If you recently moved into a studio apartment and would like to enhance the living area by adding dividers throughout the space and creating a cozy nook to watch television and read and another space to sleep, the following project will assist you with transforming the unit into one that is attractive and functional:


  • vacuum cleaner
  • broom and dustpan
  • soapy water
  • scrub brush
  • measuring tape
  • acrylic portable wall dividers
  • futon
  • throw pillows
  • beanbag chair
  • television
  • television stand
  • reading lamp
  • small table with built in storage
  • reading materials
  • decorations
  • bed 
  • expandable laundry bag
  • small throw rugs
  • dark-colored drapes

Clean The Flooring And Install Acrylic Wall Panels

Vacuum carpeting and sweep laminate or tile flooring. If either floor covering is stained, use soapy water and a scrub brush to eliminate residue. Wait for flooring to dry before installing wall panels. Portable acrylic panels are lightweight and can be folded if you ever decide you would like to remove them from your living space and place them in storage. Before purchasing panels, browse the styles that are available and select panels that are a color that will complement the walls in your studio apartment.

If you would like to draw attention to a specific part of your living space, opt to purchase acrylic panels that contain a bold print. Use a measuring tape to assist with dividing the studio apartment into separate areas. Keep in mind that you will need to have plenty of room for the furnishings that you already own. If you are starting out fresh and don't own furniture, consider purchasing compact furniture pieces that will fit in each area that you are preparing. Set the panels up so that the base of each one is flush with the flooring. 

Add Furniture And Decor

Add a futon and beanbag chair inside of the space that you have designated to use as an entertainment area. Set up a tv stand and television in front of a section of acrylic paneling. Add small details, including a table and lamp, reading materials, throw pillows, and decorative pieces to various parts of the entertainment area.

Set up your sleeping area in the same manner, moving your bed so that it is parallel to one of the apartment unit's walls and placing a couple throw rugs over the flooring. Place an expandable laundry bag in one corner of the sleeping space so that your dirty clothing does not wind up strewn around the flooring. Cover the windows with dark-colored drapes so that sunlight won't interfere while you are sleeping. 

Contact an acrylic fabrication company for more information and assistance.