Steps That Should Never Be Skipped When Shipping Printed Circuit Boards

2 September 2021
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If you're going to be shipping printed circuit boards, you'll need to know how to package and ship them. These are some of the steps that should never be skipped if you want to be as successful as possible when shipping printed circuit boards. Check out this list for more information.

Checking Over the PCBs First

You cannot expect your printed circuit boards to arrive at their destination without being damaged if they aren't in good shape when they are shipped out. Therefore, take your time to check over your printed circuit boards before you ship them out just to be sure that there aren't any damaged wires or other issues. Then, you can make quick and easy repairs to your printed circuit boards before you box them up. That way, you ensure they are in good condition.

Wrapping Them in Foil

If you want to protect your printed circuit boards from electricity and other potential dangers, make sure that they are properly wrapped in foil before they are put in their shipping box. To solve this problem, there are special bags that you can purchase that are made out of foil. Since these bags are perfectly sized for most standard-sized printed circuit boards, you'll probably find they are worth the investment if you ship printed circuit boards often. 

Choosing a Properly Sized Box

You shouldn't just grab the first box that you think your printed circuit board will fit inside of. Instead, make sure that the box is large enough to accommodate your printed circuit board without having to bend or force the printed circuit board into the box. Additionally, you should make sure that the box isn't too big. That's because a more snug-fitting box will hold your printed circuit board more securely during the shipping process, thus protecting it further.

Adding Packing Material

Additionally, make sure that you add additional packing material to help protect your printed circuit board when it's shipped. Adding bubble wrap can be a good idea for protecting your printed circuit board, for example.

Marking the Box Accordingly

Lastly, make sure that you mark the shipping box with notations such as "Do Not Bend" and "Fragile" before shipping your products. Then, hopefully, those who will be handling the package along its journey — and who will be receiving it — will know to handle it with care, which can help with preventing any damage from occurring to the printed circuit boards inside. For more information, contact a company like Advanced Circuits.