Use A Can Seamer To Aid In The Production Of Canned Craft Beer Products

23 December 2020
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If you have been bottling home-brewed craft beer varieties, but have dealt with batches being exposed to sunlight and heat, affecting the taste and color of some of the beverages, investing in a can seamer can streamline the production process and maintain the quality of each product. A can seamer should be used in conjunction with empty cans and lids and a beer gun.

A Can Seamer, Cans, And A Beer Gun

A tabletop can seamer will aid in the manufacturing process by securing the top aluminum lids to the aluminum bodies. Once a seam is made, the carbonation of a product will remain intact. Additionally, since you are switching from a bottling process to a canning one, the beer won't be exposed to sunlight, which could result in the liquid warming.

A seamer contains a top and bottom platform that is constructed of stainless steel. The body of a seamer is constructed of pressed metal. The equipment is designed to safely be used during applications in which liquid may spill onto a part of the machinery. Rubber pieces that are secured to the base of a machine will prevent the equipment from tipping over.

A beer gun can be used to disperse the carbonated liquid into each can. After filling a series of cans, place each one on the bottom platform of a can seamer. Lay a lid on top of the bottom of the can, ensuring that it presses down against the foam in the can.

Adjust the top plate until the can is snug. Turn on the equipment. The can will begin spinning. Push the seaming lever away from you and hold it in place for a couple of seconds. Pull the lever toward you and hold it in place for a couple of seconds. Press the power button to stop the can from spinning. Remove the sealed can. Seal the remaining cans.

A One- Or Two-Person Filling And Seaming Process

As you get used to the seamer, you will be able to methodically fill and seal each can quickly. To increase efficiency and take less time to prepare a batch of canned beverages, ask someone to aid you in the filling and seaming steps.

One person can be responsible for using the beer gun to fill each can and the other person can use the seamer. Use a long work table to aid in completing the tasks in an organized manner. Contact a company that provides can seamers for more information.