Making Your Homemade Candies Into A Viable Business: What To Consider

10 September 2019
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If you've been making taffy, lollipops or other candy for loved ones and friends, you may have heard many times that you could make a business out of these sweet hobby. However, creating a business related to your candy will take careful planning and smart execution. What is particularly necessary?

Well-Designed Candy Boxes

Your packaging, right now, might consist of plastic baggies. However, to present a sanitary, professional image, you should be considering professionally made candy boxes. A simple cardboard box can not only shield the candy from outdoor elements, but can also provide a nice canvas for your logo and branding details. These boxes should reflect the kind of company you want to run; if you make decadent chocolate candies, for instance, you might try a sleek black box with silver lettering. If you make lollipops for young children, you may want brighter colors. You might work with a display box company or print shop to come up with the right box design, especially if you plan to include nutritional information or specific details that need to be seen.

You should also explore paper inserts, plastic inlays, and other materials that will help prevent the candy from breaking. Spending time on designing and using candy boxes will not only give you a better showcase for your candy and enhance customer experience, but it will also perform functionally so that you spend less money reimbursing customers for broken or melted candy.

Strong Online Presence

Even if you're planning to mostly sell locally, an online presence cannot be overlooked in this day and age. Many people search for different items online even if they don't plan to place an online order. Your company's presence is important; customers wanting to try new candy can find your business site and explore it before deciding to come in. Therefore, give them something good to look at. Instead of creating a bare-bones website, consider using videos that show how the candy is made. Instead of keeping the site the same all the time, you should provide updates, discounts, and other goodies. You might even hold contests where customers photograph themselves holding one of your boxes for a special coupon or offer a free box of candy if people share their experiences via video.

Your new candy company will need a lot of work, but simple suggestions like these can instantly upgrade your business. With great candy boxes and an active online presence, your candy can sell well.