4 Ways To Use Steel For Durable Renovations And Remodeling Projects

14 March 2019
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When doing major renovations and remodeling projects, you want to make the most out of your investment. Therefore, you want features that are durable and improve the design or structure. Steel features like railings, structural beams, and other features can be a great way to improve these renovations. The following solutions are just some of the ways residential steel can be used to improve remodeling and renovation projects:

1. Railings and Decorative Steel Features to Add Attractive Details to Your Home

Railings are a great solution to use steel in home remodeling projects. Polished stainless-steel railings can be used to create a minimalist look for modern interior designs and be combined with other materials like wood. If you want to have more of a classic look, there are options for iron and steel materials with colored finishes.

2. Wide Open Spaces Using Steel Structural Beams for Larger Ceiling Spans

Another improvement that can be done to the interior of your home using steel is removing walls, columns, and beams that make space fill cramped. This is because steel can span a longer distance than conventional wood materials. Using steel beams and columns will allow you to create an interior design for your home that is open and versatile. Steel is also the ideal option for features like custom spiral staircases.

3. Modern Makeovers with Steel Finishes for More Contemporary Home Designs

In addition to structural uses of residential steel, there are also many ways it can be used for finishes inside and outside of your home. For example, you may want to use stainless steel for the surfaces of counters in modern contemporary design, or as a siding finish for a more contemporary look outside of your home. Steel can also be used for exposed structural skeletons to highlight features of unique contemporary architecture.

4. Replace Wood with Modern Steel Framing for Fewer Problems and Lower Material Costs

Lastly, there are options to use steel framing and structural elements as an alternative to conventional wood framing. Galvanized steel framing is a cost-effective solution that is less susceptible to damage than wood materials. Due to the fact the steel can also be designed with larger spans, fewer materials can be used to help reduce construction costs when doing remodeling or renovation projects.

These are some of the different ways that residential steel can be used for improving your renovation or remodeling project. If you need help planning and designing these steel features for your home, contact a residential steel service to begin designing the steel features that will be used to improve your home.