The Benefits Of Standing Seam Roof Panels

16 August 2017
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Now is the perfect time to have your roof inspected. If any damage is noted, you have time to have the damaged repaired or your roof replaced before the wet and cold winter season hits. If your roof is older and in poor condition, it may need to be replaced altogether. If this is the situation you are in, there are many roofing products that you can select to have installed on your roof. One option that is becoming popular are standing seams roof panels. Learning the benefits of this roofing material may help you decide if it is right for your roof. Here are a few of the benefits of standing seam roof panels. 

Easy and Fast to Install

One of the biggest advantages to standing seam roof panels is that they are fast and easy to install. When you are having shingles or shakes placed, a roofer may have to place each and every shingle or shake by hand and then secure it into place. This can be time consuming and ends up costing you money in labor expenses. A standing seam panel is a large panel with ridges in it that can be adhered to the roof. All of the large panels connect together to form a roof. Instead of having hundreds or thousands of shakes or shingles to place. A roofer may only have 10 to 20 different standing seam panels to install to create your roof. 

Minimizes Seams Where Water Can Enter

Another advantage to standing seam roofing panels is that when you use these large panels to cover your roof, you are minimizing the number of seams on your roof. If water is going to enter your home through your roof, it typically occurs along the seam area of your roofing material. Minimizing the number of seams can help reduce the likelihood of a water leak through your home. 

Available in a Variety of Materials and Colors

The last benefits is that standing seam roof panels are available in a variety of materials and colors. Typically, these roofing panels are made from either a vinyl or metal material. And they come in a wide array of colors, including red, brown, black, blue and white. If you are looking for a roof color that compliments your home and increases its curb appeal, you can find the color you are looking for in this type of roofing product. 

If you need a new roof installed quickly and want to minimize your labor expenses, standing seam roofing panels may be ideal for your home. Taking the time to learn about the benefits will help you determine if they are right for you. For more information, contact companies like JD Metals.